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Aimee Diaz, Chef Hector Diaz's wife, business partner, best friend and the operational mind for Salsa, Modesto, Bomba! and other Diaz enterprises. She is also the decorator, vibe-setter and place-maker of each restaurant. Aimee is the keeper of the staff and family vibe, as well as setting the standards for menu planning, service and hiring.

Aimee Diaz

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Aimee Diaz is a prism, and depending on the day, the people in her path and the goals in front of her, all sensory info passes through her and becomes diffuse in a matter of moments.

Aimee is the operational might of Hector’s Restaurants which include Salsa, Modesto, and Bomba.  She is Hector’s wife and mother to their 4 boys. She is complex and carries with her a proper British composure and a Latin passion in her familial DNA. With a degree in Botany, her understanding of growth and sustainable organic systems means that she is constantly transferring that knowledge to her life and work in the restaurants. She is both heart and spine and is incredibly warm and reassuring. Her essence and creativity are present as she navigates the concerns of the staff, her husband, children, community and an enormous amount of history.

Aimee has your grandmother's wisdom and your little sister's grin. She, like Hector, takes the long view of what the Asheville food scene was and will continue to be. She's invested completely in this place and the people they serve.

"Having a staff is a humbling experience. They are the vehicle that transforms this promise that we have to be open every day, to serve the highest quality food, to have a clean kitchen, polished silverware, to be friendly and mindful, to contribute to a higher intrinsic value so that our customers may leave feeling better and return eagerly and often."

- Aimee

“Those who know her best describe her as wickedly funny and unfairly talented... but consistently gracious and as compassionate as the day is long.”

— Tom Kerr